JSA Stone Australia


Care & Maintenance

JSA Quartz Low Maintenance

JSA Quartz is designed to offer high performance with low maintenance, and being non-porous it will never need sealing or waxing. Only a little commonsense is needed to care for your JSA Quartz surface.

Stain Resistance.

JSA Quartz has been tested and due to its low moisture absorption, is resistant to stains caused by wine, fruit juices, liquid food coloring, tea and spices with strong colors.

Damaged Benchtop Edge & Surface

A damaged benchtop edge or surface (including the stone edge for an under-mount sink) is not indicative of defective material. The JSA 15-year Limited Warranty does not cover edge or surface damage, such as chipping or scratching caused by wear and tear or negligence caused by Fabrication/Installation or damaged by any heavy objects.

General Care

Stubborn Stains and Dried Spills

For dried spills, remove solids first. A wet cotton cloth is recommended for any stubborn stains. Avoid forceful scrubbing as this may result in a loss of shine. Rinse well with water. Do not use bleach on or near a JSA surface. For Interior applications only. JSA Quartz should not be used outdoors. The JSA Corp Limited Warranties do not cover exterior applications (where JSA Quartz is exposed to weather conditions). Exposure to direct sunlight may result in a color change and it is therefore recommended that exposure to direct sunlight is limited.

Heat Resistance

Placing hot items directly onto your JSA benchtop is not recommended. Although JSA Quartz has high heat resistance, excessive localized heat may result in damage to your JSA due to thermal shock.


• To keep your JSA Quartz clean, simply wash with a soft cloth, warm water and a pH neutral household liquid detergent.

• Avoid exposure to products with high pH levels such as oven cleaner. Rinse immediately to neutralize the effect, and then follow usual cleaning procedure.

• Avoid exposure to paint strippers, paint removers, bleach and nail polish remover. Rinse immediately with clean water to neutralise the effect, and then follow usual cleaning procedure.

• Avoid exposure to high impact, especially on the edges.

• Avoid excessive weight being placed on your bench top, such as tradespeople standing on the bench top when doing other work in your home such as painting or electrical work.


JSA Stone Quartz (pdf)